Sunday, December 13, 2009

CFJ's First Birthday Party!

The day arrived, the day of our sweet baby boy's first birthday party! It was a good two months of preparation - the theme, invitations, decor and cake all had to be perfect. You only turn one once, after all. We had the birthday party on Sunday December 13th, four days before the actual day. We thought the Sunday after would be too close to Christmas and wanted everyone to be able to come. It was a total blast and I think the best part, is that we get to celebrate all over again the 17th!! I was initially so sad that his birthday would be so close to Christmas, I thought he would be cheated out of his special day (so I made sure the theme didn't have anything to do with the holidays or winter) but I have to say it is such a special time for a birthday. Everyone is so excited for the holidays and the house looked so pretty with the tree decorated and Santa outside, I loved it and I now think December 17th, one week before Christmas, is the perfect time for a birthday! It was such a wonderful day, surrounded by friends and family, celebrating Connor's incredible first year of life and all the milestones that come with it. It is hard to believe that Bj and I have been parents for almost one year, it is the most incredible gift we have ever been given. Connor had a great day - I could just tell he knew that this day was a special one for him, he was on the floor playing with the big kids and he had fun eating his cake.

Okay...enough of momma talk, I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story...

"G", Connor's wonderful auntie made this cake - we had to have another photo shoot with it, sing happy birthday, and blow out the candle again! A cake this beautiful deserved a celebration of it's own! Connor was fascinated with the flame, and he wanted to so badly to smash into this one, we let him a little! Up next...the details of the day!

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