Thursday, November 19, 2009

Walking Machine!

After Miss. Angela visited us, she said the little man was ready for a walking toy! Ah! So, we ran out to Babies R Us and bought him a walking toy - it also converts to a little riding toy, so cute. He has been playing with it for a little while, but last week he really started terrorizing it! He loves to walk up and down the "hallway" upstairs. It is so sweet and he is getting so fast!! The other day Bj was sitting at the computer and I was beckoning him over at the end of the hallway. He got the biggest grin on his face and started walking to his momma. He kept stopping every few steps though to look back and cheese at daddy, like are you watching me daddy?! Do you see what I am doing over here!? It was way too cute! This is his walking toy he is borrowing for Frankie and it's for our apartment upstairs, he has the mini cozy coupe version for downstairs! His favorite thing about that one is the horn, he loves to make it go beep beep! After watching him play with this walking toy, I am really realizing that it is not going to be long before he is a little walking machine, sans any toys!

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