Friday, November 27, 2009

Nolan and Connor

Our friends Josh and Stacy were in town this week for Thanksgiving. They had their son Nolan almost three months ago and we were so excited to meet him! We met for lunch at Seamus McDaniels in Dogtown and had such a great time! Connor loved Nolan, here he is telling him all the fun things he will be able to do when he is almost one!
They were so cute during lunch, though Connor decided he was going to throw all of his food on the floor, and I MAY have let him. It's amazing what you will do to keep an almost one year old entertained when out in public!
Connor was showing off his standing skills! He is getting so good, I think he is going to be a walking machine any day now! Ah!

We had so much fun with The Crask family that we made them come over for dinner! Scout and Sedona wanted to play with Nesta and Taj and we wanted to spend more time with sweet Nolan! He is such a handsome little man and we know if they ever moved back to St. Louis that Connor and Nolan would be great friends!!! Thanks so much for hanging out with us, we had a great day!

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