Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Trick or Treat! I can't believe it is already Halloween time! Ah, that means Connor only have one more first holiday! We had a great and very busy Halloween this year, how about you? Bj and I snuck away on Friday and went to Lawrence, KS to see a show. It was really fun and so nice to get away for a night, as Bj has been working SO hard lately. He has been putting in 12-15 hour days for weeks now, so we were really happy to get away and enjoy ourselves. We had to laugh though, we are NOT 20 anymore and it is really tough to "party" like a 20-year old these days! We got home Saturday afternoon in time to rake the leaves and get Connor all dressed up for his very first Halloween! If I do say so myself, he was the cutest little dinosaur out there!

We had such a nice night, we went to The Diehr's neighborhood for a little parade and some trick or treating! Connor apparently takes after his mom as he positioned himself next to the candy bowl! We let him gnaw on a few of the candy wrappers, poor bugger has 3 teeth coming in- and he was pretty content with that! He and Frankie had fun hanging out, isn't Frankie the cutest little owl?! After the parade, we had some dinner and hung out for a bit. Then the old fogies, Bj and I, had to head home and hit the hay! We were EXHAUSTED! We packed the little dinosaur up (he grroowwlleed the whole way home, it was pretty funny!) and hit the hay! We took a little trip over to Nana and Grandpa's the next day to say hi too! All in all it was a great first Halloween! We hope everyone had a great night :) We can't wait for the trick or treating next year already!!

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