Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wrestle Mania!

The little man has decided that he ONLY loves to be on his belly these days, or sitting, or trying to pull himself up on something. So, my once very sweet little diaper changer is now auditioning for lead role in the "Diaper Wrestling League!". It is actually kind of funny - the minute you get him on the changing table he flips over! I don't even usually have time to get out that fancy shiny object to distract him with before he is on his belly! He is an animal! It is actually kind of funny, but Lord have Mercy I don't know what we are going to do with this child! He thinks it is pretty darn funny too - he just giggles away and I mean...with that sweet giggle, how can you help but chuckle yourself! It is amazing how fast he is able to get around too, it is making us realize that he is going to be on the go any day now! He is just going to take off and there will be no going back. The other morning I was changing him out of his jammers and diaper and he looked so cute flipped over with his little naked butt up in the air that I took him off the changing table, ran to get the camera and put him back on. I am insane - but I got a cute little naked bum picture :) And a few with him playing with the snot sucker - that was my distraction object of choice! What you can't see is that in the next picture he is practically hanging over the edge of the changing table performing all kind of acrobatics in an attempt to flip over - which he did!

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