Monday, August 31, 2009

Totally "Chawed"

So, on Kelly's Korner a few weeks ago she was talking about a word she and her friends use when they are embarrassed. "Chawed". I thought it was pretty cute and it TOTALLY fits in this situation. At work we have to send out email campaigns to reach professors in different ways - those we wouldn't normally be able to talk to, to send messages about certain books - you know, lots of different reasons. Well, one of my co-workers came around the other day with a camera. I was like, hmm...what do you need a camera for? She was like oh, we are taking pictures for the email campaigns! AH! My ugly mug will be pasted on the side of the email campaign that I send out to 3,000 schools and about as many professors! I am TOTALLY CHAWED! I get that it is more personal for them to see the face of the person helping them - but as previously stated, I am not super happy with post-baby body - but what are you going to do? I will get there eventually and I don't think any of the professors are going to take enough of a look at my picture to notice :) I actually think it will be really cute - and I sure have had fun planning my email campaigns!

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profesora said...

I am looking for the origin of this word -- I remember it from my Southern childhood