Monday, August 3, 2009

Poolin' It

Connor man LOVES the water and I had a sneaky suspicion that the Lake was going to be too cold, so Granny found this little pool we brought with us. Not only did we bring it with us, we lugged 2 gallons of tap water down all the previously mentioned stairs to fill up this pool for the little bugster! He loved it and couldn't get enough of splashing around in the water.
He was laughing at everyone's conversations :)
That is how momma socialized...I sat next to Connor Man and the pool and chatted with those around me :)
All he wanted to do was get his cute little fingers over the side of the pool and into the sand! I thought he was going to like the water more than the sand, but he was all about digging in the sand...I love it! He did this all by himself, turned around and reached out of the pool, he is just too big for me too handle!
P.S. - These pictures are driving me crazy! On the computer they are fine, but they are fuzzy for some reason on the blog....GR!

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Jana said...

The pictures look beautiful, not fuzzy at all!!