Monday, August 3, 2009

Douglas Farmers Market

Ah, so much to blog about! We spent a wonderful week in Michigan with the lovely Erker Family. It is somewhat of a tradition for the family, and one that I hope we keep in tact every year from here on out. Douglas, Michigan is a hot spot for St. Louis families and we were so excited to take Connor on his first trip of many. Bj wasn't able to make this trip as he was busy opening up new restaurants all over town, but we can't wait to take him next year! We had a great time and I have TONS, I am talking TONS of be prepared! Instead of breaking it down by day, I broke it down by I hope you enjoy! For some reason the pictures are coming up a little fuzzy on my computer...hopefully not on everyone else's though! Connor was pretty great on his first week long vacation...he loved the beach, the sand and was a total party animal. He had some trouble sleeping but we figured out his bed wasn't very comfy, switched it, and he was good to go!

The first day we made a trip to the Farmers Market. I love, love, love Farmers Markets and it is one of the things I look most forward to in the summer. All of the fresh food and the flowers, I won't buy flowers anywhere but the FM and they did not disappoint in Michigan. We stocked up on some yummy foods and had delicious dinners a few nights!
Emory, Katy, Mom, MP, Me and C-Man
Uncle Bubba and his Godson!
Snoozing away...he didn't last long, he wanted to get up and see all of the excitement!! He was so cute...just looking around, hanging out.
See, beautiful, huh?
This was just crazy...all of those are radishes! Okay...on to the next adventure!

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