Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Did someone say Ice Cream?

As Granny previously showed Connor, Ice Cream is pretty good stuff. So, we thought after a hot day of shopping what could be better? Connor was starting to get tired of shopping and we happened up the ice cream store...
So, we walked into the Ice Cream store, I was holding C facing out. I ordered my SINGLE scoop of Cookies & Cream and the lovely lady scooping the ice cream handed me my cone with FOUR scoops on it and C had his hand up in the air, eyes on the ice cream like it was coming to him! It was hilarious, I could barely get it out of his vision and in my mouth before he gobbled it up! He of course got a few tastes and was pretty stinkin' excited about it! As soon as that ice cream hit his lips, he didn't mind the shopping excursion at all anymore!
Yummy Stuff!
Ice cream mustache!
Oh, and yes, that is our sweet precious boy sitting forward in his stroller!!! He is a HUGE fan of it and he just looks precious. I really can't take it - everyone was laughing about his "foot rest". We didn't take the car seat adaptor off until we knew for sure he was ready to sit face out yet! It was a success though and the "foot rest" may have to come off.
He had such a good time eating his ice cream, he just passed out on the car ride home :)

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