Friday, July 10, 2009

Mr. Sand-Man

We had a little play date at Aunt Sandra's this morning (we were going to go to the park but the rain threw a wrench in our plans) and Connor was introduced to the sand! I thought it would be a good idea to get him used to some sandy terrain as our trip to Michigan is quickly approaching!
He loved it! I don't think he quite knew what to think at first, but he was having such a good time getting his fingers in it - side note, whole 'nother post coming on him SITTING there...
Elijah was so sweet and once he found out it was Connor's first time in the sand, he showed him a thing or two about the old sandbox!
Sweet, precious Connor Man was so tired he fell asleep holding both of his lovies on the way home! He slept for a bit, woke up and then he and Momma took a long nap! It was a great afternoon...and our Friday Find was SAND!

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