Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stranger Anxiety

We started to notice right before we left Colorado that Connor was experiencing a little "stranger anxiety" oddly enough it was the topic of that week's baby center bulletin, so it did not surprise me all that much. He is such a happy baby and he loves people, so it did surprise me a little that he was hesitant around people. I had experienced this with other kids and thought it's okay, they will be fine, they will get used to the people. Well, when it comes to my baby I realized that I just need to take him back, calm him down, and he is usually just fine. I have notice it happens mainly in the evenings around the witching hours, or when he is really tired. So I could just chalk it up to him wanting to be around his momma or daddy. It's kind of tough and makes me nervous for the first time he gets upset when one of us leaves him. I am not sure what I am going to do - I think it could be harder on me than on him. Maybe we will just sail right on through that, maybe?! I guess I can't blame him as the first five months of his life were pretty much spent with just momma and daddy - we know he will grow out of it, and it's really not that bad - just interesting. We have it under control though - we just take him back, tell him it's okay and he is usually just fine :)

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