Monday, June 22, 2009

Party Time!

After Connor's big Baptism we thought it was only fitting to go back to the house and celebrate he and Daddy's big day! It was so fun, all the family came by and we had a really nice afternoon!
The favors, a little thank you for everyone who celebrated this special day with us!
Pat and CFJ - hanging out!
Grandpa, Godmother and CFJ
All the boys - what handsome men!
All the ladies and Connor - what beauties!
Connor's beautiful cake by Baker-Extraordinaire Auntie! She made another round cake with polka dots, but it had an unfortunate accident in the fridge, so, since she is amazing she whipped up a new one! We have already hired her on as the 1st birthday cake maker! And, see below for her super cute Father's Day creation!
Connor was pooped by the end of the day - too much goings on - and he was out! Thanks to everyone for making this such a special day for our sweet little man! Happy Father's Day again to all the fantastic Daddy's out there! We sure do love you!

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