Monday, June 15, 2009


As I was unpacking and looking at the pictures from the weekend, I realized just how lucky we are with our sweet boy. We may have had a rough start, and the first two months at home were pretty tough with the lack of sleep - but we are so lucky to have such a good baby. I really don't have any complaints - he is happy, sweet and smiley! Connor eats well and as we have noticed he travels well. He had his moments, as I would expect but overall he was just a pleasure and I am so thankful he is in our lives. He is sleeping well and didn't have any problems (aside from a little gas issue) sleeping in a new place and he was genuinely happy to see his new surroundings. He just hung out and giggled. He flirted with everyone he saw and was just a happy, sweet little sweet pea. We had more people compliment us on how cute he is, and how well-behaved he was during the wedding ceremony. I usually just smile and say thank you followed up with - "we are pretty lucky." I can't believe this boy is going to be six months old on Wednesday - I really don't know where the time has gone. We sure are happy and are looking forward to what life brings in the next six months.

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