Saturday, June 20, 2009

Did someone say...FOOD?!

For the last month or so poor Connor has been staring at us CHEWING every time we eat. He looks like we are totally neglecting him by not letting him have a bite of our breakfast, lunch or dinner. It's kind of sad really! So, since he was close enough to 6 months we let him go ahead and have some rice cereal! At first we was a little hesitant and wanted to "teeth" on the spoon more than eat the cereal. But, once he got the hang of it he was good to go! Now he loves it, he sits in the Bumbo and chows down! It is really pretty stinkin cute! I can't wait for the doctor's appointment on Thursday after which we will promptly come home and try some other delicious foods. Here he is enjoying his cereal - such a good little eater this one!
He's like "what, MORE?!" :)
There he is leaning forward trying to get the spoon is his mouth! Must take after his momma in the eating department, poor little man! He still watches us eat only now I don't feel so bad as we are filling his belly with something other than milk!! Way to go big boy!

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