Monday, May 25, 2009

We Made It!

After 900 miles and 15 long hours, we made it safely to St. Louis! Whew! We left Colorado about 10am (after a there and back trip to the airport and packing the china in my car) and pulled into St. Louis at 2am local time. It was definitely a VERY long trip, but well worth it. I have to say it was a little tough saying goodbye to 1207 Lefthand Drive - I cried! I think it hit me as I was walking in Connor's room, one last time, that he was never going to sleep in this room again. This room that we put so much time and effort into was going to be someone else's nursery now. The whole house that we put so much into for that matter. We were ready and I already can't wait to search for another house, but it was still a little sad leaving the old homestead. We have had so many wonderful memories in that house and the one nice thing about me being such a picture hound is that I have them all documented from start to finish. So, here's to the many new memories our life in St. Louis will bring!!

Packing Day!
Keep in mind - we filled all of these cars with stuff! You may notice a cord going from the truck into the house - Bj had to keep the kegerator cold for the long drive home :)

No, they are not putting one last thing in - they are getting one last drink off the kegerator that is strategically placed inside the door!!
Connor Man was preparing for his busy drive home - logging as many sleep hours as he could!
My Co-Pilot
Our first gas stop in Kansas. There was a corn field next to the gas station and the dogs looked so funny hopping through it while we filled up :)

We were only in St. Louis for approximately 3 days before we packed up another car and drove to Indianapolis for the 500 - but another post on that :) I think it really started to hit us as we were driving that we moved to St. Louis. We kept talking on the walkies - and we couldn't quite believe we had actually done it. The process moved so fast - it was crazy! We had a great visit with my mom, granny, aunt and cousins on Thursday and a great visit with Nana and Sir on Friday night and as we were driving home to my mom's we looked at each other and said "nights like these are the reason we did this". We are so happy and excited that the nights with the family and friends will no longer be few and far between!

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Lauren said...

I'm so glad ya'll made it back to STL safely! I'm so glad that you made it back there, period!!! So happy for you all! Love & Miss!!!
xoxo, Klein