Sunday, May 31, 2009

Little Fish

Oh that is right, baby cakes went swimming for the first time this afternoon! I mean...we couldn't have gotten any dorkier - we had the swim diapers, the sunscreen, the swimming suit (momma forgot the hat, but a sun umbrella did the trick) and the floatie all ready to go...ALL MORNING! We were waiting in anticipation to get over to Nana and Grandpa's to get this little man in the water. He was a party animal and he loved it! He had the feet kicking and moving like he had been swimming his whole life - it was so fun! He was smiling and screeching and just having himself a great old time. We pretty much had to drag him out of the pool for him to even think about taking a nap. We just had a great day - it was beautiful weather and we so enjoyed hanging out with Nana, Grandpa, Uncle JJ and the dogs. Everyone enjoyed the water and we have 220 pictures to prove it, yes I said "220 pictures!"
The first dips in the water - Nana and Grandpa had the heater at 83* and it seemed to suit the little buster just fine!
The little family - the doggies are somewhere around swimming around!
With his new super floatie from Nana and Grandpa! He loved it and looked like such a big man sitting in it.
I can already seem him at five years old screaming at daddy to throw me in the in air and catch me please!!
I just thought they looked a little too cute - you can't see his swim trunks but they have little fish and whales on them "little squirt" is the line, I couldn't resist!
He finally felt the party could end about 8:30 and passed out two minutes into the car ride home. It was pretty funny - he got a second wind once we got home, it didn't last for too long thankfully! This afternoon and watching little squirt having so much fun splashing and laughing in the water totally reaffirmed just how lucky we are to have been blessed with such a wonderful baby. We love him and can't wait for the next swim day - thanks Nana and Grandpa!!

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