Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Gang

My wonderful co-workers, Connor and I went to the Boulder Brewery for some beers and appetizers on Friday night. We were celebrating Jana's two year anniversary and the fact that it was gorgeous out! I have been so fortunate and have been blessed with amazing co-workers who have gone above and beyond - I am really going to miss them. They were beyond amazing (even their families were beyond amazing) while we were in the hospital and on maternity leave and they are just overall great folks. We joke that we look like a gang traveling around the office because we only function as a body of one, not four! It's kind of funny. It was a great night - we had some good beers and good food and some great conversation. I even suckered Jana into coming over and hanging out with me later on that evening! I hope that in my next job I can find co-workers as wonderful as those at Platts.
Jana and Richard!
Emily and Matt
Connor had a few too many Sweaty Betty's that night so I had to drive him home - but not before we stopped and picked up the two gigantic (I am talking two bags the size of me) bags of bubble wrap. Momma couldn't see anything out any window of the car - it's a good thing we didn't have to make many turns the whole way home!

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