Friday, May 29, 2009

The Circle of Neglect

We tried Connor in this around 4 months and he wasn't super into it. We kept trying every once in awhile to get him used to it (we thought it would be a great tool for the move) but it wasn't until AFTER we packed up the house and moved 900 miles across the country before he realized his love for the exersaucer. He played in it for about 45 minutes this afternoon - without any of the bells and whistles (his awesome parents didn't have any batteries!) imagine the fun he is going to have when he realizes it lights up and talks to him!
He was so cute playing in it - he was laughing and stomping his feet - even turning himself around with all of the commotion! The dogs also thought it was really fun to crawl under it and lick his tootsies.
The fun is endless and I am already dreaming of the laundry and organization that will happen around the "little apartment" with this new form of entertainment! I will admit though I was a little taken aback by how big he looks in it - ah, he is just getting to be such a big man!

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