Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bits and Pieces

I am not sure why I was thinking about it the other day (maybe because Steph is going to give birth any day and childbirth was on my mind) but I was remembering bits and pieces of Connor's birth. I will say that most of the day is hazy - but a few things were coming back. I had forgotten how the proud Daddy had ordered pizza and pizookies for all involved in Connor's delivery and how he made sure everyone had enough to eat. I remember Bj running in and out of the recovery room with pictures and videos of our little man - he just couldn't stop smiling. He would leave every few minutes because he didn't want to be away from his son. I still to this day and convinced they brought me back to another room with about 20 people in it - they didn't, it's just the way I remember it. I remember getting all the pictures ready to send out - and making sure that I was the one that called my mom and Steph and I said I was ready to do it all again the minute I saw him. At any rate, I just thought it was kind of funny the little things that were coming back to me - I still can't believe that day was five and a half months ago!

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