Thursday, April 30, 2009


It's official - he has turned into SCOOTER, JR! We noticed about a week and a half ago that CFJ was "scooting" around in his sleep. I thought I was going crazy one morning I went in and his head was where his feet should have been. He has completely scooted around and was not at all in the same position I left him in. I had to rack my brain to see if maybe I had put him down the opposite way - but I knew that wasn't the case as the way I feed/hold him prohibits me from laying him down any other way without lots of jostling and risk of waking him. Almost every morning since then he has been in some other position - its pretty funny. Long gone are the days when he stayed put- I have a feeling in the months to come I will remember them fondly!

This is how I found the little monkey this morning...
Mind you - this is after he slept for 12 straight hours AND played HAPPILY in his crib for about 30 minutes. He is amazing. So, thank you to all who voted in my poll. You were right if you picked "when he is good and ready" because he defiantly did this one on his own. We may have helped my giving in and allowing him to sleep on his belly - but we will go with "he did it on his own". He is such a sweet little man - one of the highlights of the day is getting him up from a nap.

This was his "Oh, I am so excited Mamma's Here Routine" He was laughing and grinning and rolling back and forth on his belly with his legs going up in the air - I could eat him. It was the cutest little thing I have ever seen! He kept laughing and scooting up even further into the bumper pads - looks like we are going to have to put those puppies away for the time being. Close your eyes if you are reading this Granny D - we will protect your labor of love until it's safe to put them back!

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