Thursday, April 9, 2009

Granny To The Rescue!

My sweet mom flew out last week to help me with Connor while Bj was in Marathon, FL for Jason and Sally's wedding. Congrats guys - you looked beautiful! While I was really sad to have missed it, it was really nice to spend the time with my momma. The one thing I left out of my "Things They Don't Tell You Post" was how much you are going to miss your own momma when you have a baby. Bj and I just love watching our families around Connor - he is so loved and it makes us so very happy. I begged her to stay with us, but she kept saying something about having to work. At any rate, she was so wonderful to come out and help me. I think we wore her out, but we had a good time. We toured the Celestial Seasonings Tea Factory and did a lot of hanging out around the house. She was AMAZING and watched Connor for me on the nights I had to work - I don't think I moved a muscle for eight straight hours - it was fantastic! We were both really sad to see her go - but can't wait to get back to St. Louis at the end of May for the Indy 500! Look at how comfy, cozy he is with his Granny!!
Thanks Mom, we love you!

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