Monday, April 27, 2009

a day in the life...

so, as previously mentioned my poor bugster has been a bit on the sleepy side since his friday vaccinations - no worries at all, it's understandable - i don't feel well when i get shots either. i got home from work, said hi and goodbye to bj - fed the munchkin and we snuck out for a few minutes, i had to get one quick thing from the grocery store... (side note: by "we" i mean me, connor, scout and sedona all piled in the car - they have a dog gate that keeps them in the backseat and off little man) well, i came out of the grocery store to see sedona happily grinning away in the front seat. no scout though - until i rounded the corner and saw his head face down in my lunch box eating my carrots (weird that they were still left, huh?!). they had weasled their way out of the dog gate. i called bj as c-man was fussing in the back, sedona was licking him to make him feel better and scout was STILL eating carrots in the front seat while we drove home. that ladies and gentleman is a little snippet of my life. and you know what, i love every minute of it, and i wouldn't trade it for anything!

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