Tuesday, March 10, 2009

L 103 Visits the CO State!

My sweet girlfriends from all over came to visit us this past weekend. We have started trying to have an "L 103" reunion every year. So much is changing on all of our lives between weddings, boyfriends, moves and babies that it is nice to set aside a weekend to catch up. We get together and it is like no time has passed. I think we are the type of friends who could go years without talking and have no problem picking right back up where we left off. They were gracious enough to head to the CO state to celebrate the birth of Connor and the impending arrival of Baby Kepplinger! We had a little shower for Steph, got our nails did, SHOPPED, had some drinks at Happy Hour and slept very little. I think everyone had a great time and it took everything in me not to hold them hostage and not let them leave on Sunday!

We decided we are all going to move somewhere and open a salon like 1020 on Pearl Street! Sounds good to me! Thanks girls, I can't wait for the next one! Hopefully it will be sometime in May meeting the newest member of the group little Landon or Reagan Kepplinger! :)

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