Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I have been so overwhelmed lately with the kindness people I don't even know have shown us this past month. It is a little scary having your baby in the NICU and it is amazing how kind and supportive all of the nurses and doctors have been -- as well as people in the community. My mind has been put at ease and I am totally touched by the people around me.

We found out the other day that volunteers make quilts for all of the preemie babies in the NICU and we both thought that was such a neat thing to do. Connor is "borrowing" one now and as soon as a new shipment arrives he will be able to pick out a boy quilt. I know that homemade things takes time and the fact that people we don't know took the time to make a quilt that will keep our baby warm while he is in the hospital and away from his home is amazing. There are really sweet people in this world. Here is the quilt he is "borrowing"...

Today while I was hanging out, Connor's nurse came in with a blanket and card and explained to me that a first grade class handmade fleece blankets for all of the preemie babies. They also made Christmas cards for each and every baby and their mommy. I cannot think of a sweeter thing -- as I know their teacher had to take the time to do the project with them and buy all of the supplies with money out of her own pocket. I just think it is amazing and so wonderful that people are taking the time to do sweet things for others -- what a wonderful lesson to teach these children at such a young age.

I can guarantee the Johnson family will be returning the favor as all the sweet little things people have done to make us feel comfortable have really touched us.

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