Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rub a Dub Dub -- Connor's in the Tub!

You got it, the little man got a sponge bath today! His hair was looking a little scruffy, so he got all cleaned up and fancy for the holidays. His next bath will most likely be in a little tub, but he had to go with the sponge version today because of his iv. He got all toasty and warm underneath his warmer and Ms. Kris, his nurse, just scrubbed away. He wasn't extremely excited about getting rubbed with the washcloth, but he toughed it out pretty well.

He was so good until the scrubbing
came along and he didn't like that so much -- but other than he just snoozed away! How handsome does he look with his clean hair!

A sponge bath wouldn't be a sponge bath without getting your hair washed in the sink -- especially when you have as much hair as Connor Johnson! He was so very good while he was getting his hairs cleaned, he just snoozed away and was totally oblivious to what was happening. I must say he looked awfully handsome when all was said and done -- Bj and I were so proud!
Look at that sweet boy sleeping away -- and that head of hair! Thank goodness he was good as this is only the first of many baths in his lifetime!
All clean and posing with daddy! He was such a good boy and he now officially has that baby smell -- all I did this afternoon was snuggle with him and sniff his head -- it smells just the way a baby should :)


Steph said...

little connor man looks sooo handsome and i can just picture how delicious he smells after his bath :) he looks so handsome for santa to see him tonight!! merry christmas eve johnson family!! love you!

a slice of my life said...

Congrats, mama! I love all your blog stories, and Connor is SO adorable. Merry Christmas!