Wednesday, October 22, 2008


This is a "prequel" to the next post, as I am going to have it go straight from the title to the post. I have been taking a pre-natal yoga class for the last few weeks and every class we introduce our self, say how far along we are and then the instructor comes up with a new question to think about each week. A few weeks ago the question was "what do you want to give your baby?" and I could not stop thinking about it...I am still thinking about it. There is no way to answer that question in a few simple words, or even sentences when you are me.

I had been planning already to write at least one letter to the baby talking about how far along I am and what we are feeling at that moment. I am a little on the sentimental side, so I just figured it was something he or she might enjoy when I am no longer around. So, I sat down and started to write it a few nights ago and I am still writing it. I thought about sharing some bits and pieces of the letter and realized that it just wouldn't be me to not share the whole thing. I have shared everything else along the way...why not share my baby letter? It is handwritten, but I will type it up and share...just because that is something I would do! Enjoy.

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