Monday, September 8, 2008

Pink or Blue?

It has been funny the last few weeks, as I am now very evidently pregnant, more and more people have asked what we are having. To which I follow up with, "It's a surprise!" some people are shocked that we are holding back and not finding out, and others think it's pretty cool.

I have always thought that as the mother and hotel for the baby that you would automatically have the intuition and know deep down whether your baby is a boy or a girl. that I am in that position I can honestly say we have no idea. Right now we are working on 50/50 boy or girl. I am sure some people know and some people don't, I think it is great either way. It's just funny. Once we tell everyone that we are waiting for the little one's arrival to find out, they share their story with why they think one way or the other. It has been pretty interesting to hear what people think. From heartbeat counts, food cravings to mood changes. All very plausible, but still not giving us any indication one way or the other. Not that we would listen to it anyway, we are perfectly content waiting a few more months for the little one to show his or her sweet face.

The only thing about it I will say is that more than not we both say "he" a little more when referring to the baby. But, when I dream about the baby (it has been happening a lot these days and more and more with my dad in the dreams) I dream they hand her to me for the first time and say "here she is!". So, don't know what to say about that one...we are still going strong at 50/50! :)

We do love the poll though, we can't wait to take one closer to the due date and have everyone guess weight and gender, it should be fun!

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